We are not a bulk billing practice (with some exceptions outlined out below). We (like many other private practices) believe that bulk billing all our patients will require us to compromise the level of care that we can offer.

Fees and Charges

For a standard consultation of less than 20 minutes our fee is $75.00. A medicare rebate of $37.05 is available for this type of consultation making the out of pocket cost for this consultation $37.95.
Our fee for a longer consultation (more then 20 minutes but less that 40 minutes) is $135.00 and the applicable medicare rebate is $71.7 making the out of pocket cost for this type of consultation $63.30.

Scripts and referrals
Scripts and referrals that are written without a consultation will attract a fee of $15.00 payable on collection. There is no medicare rebate available for this service.

Other Services
There are a number of additional services that may incur additional charges for example if your consultation involves a procedure of some type. Please ask at reception if you have any concerns.

Getting your rebate
If you bring your bank account information in to the surgery we can arrange for the rebate to be electronically refunded to your account by Medicare. Alternatively, you could give your details to Medicare and then any doctors surgery with the required technology will be able to arrange the rebate to go directly into your bank. See
Medicare website for more information.

Bulk Billing & fee discounts

Department of Veterans Affairs
Our surgery will bill DVA for Gold card holders, and white card holders when being treated for applicable illness.

Children under 12 years
Our surgery policy is that we will bulk bill children under 12 years of age at our practices on the second a subsequent visits.

We unfortunately are unable to bulk bill all pensioners. We will bulk bill all patients aged 75 years and over.

Important information to reduce your annual medical costs

Medicare Safety net program
We are committed to reducing your medical expenses as much as is possible, without compromising the quality of care that we provide. With that in mind we encourage all our patients to ensure that Medicare has full and accurate details of you and your family and that you are all registered for the safety net program. Safety net details program details are available from the Medicare website. This is especially important with some companies now charging for pathology and radiology
billing policy